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Technical Project Manager

Seattle, Washington (Hybrid)

Job Type


About the Role

The role of the Technical Project Manager involves strategically planning, initiating, and overseeing technical projects while acting as a bridge between the business and technical aspects of the assigned projects.

The Technical Project Manager will ensure that projects are aligned with both internal and external customer needs and requirements, construct comprehensive work plans, set, and achieve milestones, and effectively communicate project outcomes to stakeholders. Their primary objective will be to organize and execute projects, ensuring they are completed within the designated timeframe and budget while maintaining a strong focus on customer satisfaction as a fundamental principle.


Duties & Responsibilities

  • Manage assigned technical projects, ensuring adherence with budget, schedule, and project scope.

  • Develop, maintain, and revise project proposals, including project objectives, technologies, systems, information specifications, timelines, funding, and staffing requirements.

  • Set and track project milestones, effectively addressing unforeseen delays by readjusting schedules and expectations.

  • Establish and implement project communication plans, providing regular status updates to relevant staff and stakeholders.

  • Collect, analyze, and summarize information and trends to prepare comprehensive project status reports.

  • Facilitate the gathering and validation of project requirements.

  • Develop and maintain project performance databases, tracking overall progress and specific milestones.

  • Ensure that all project components are processed, organized, and progressing according to predetermined timelines and deliverable dates.

  • Regularly communicate with customers/clients to schedule meetings, confirm project timelines, and address any project-related issues.

  • Coordinate internal and external resources, ensuring that projects remain within scope, schedule, and defined budgets.

  • Develop and communicate detailed implementation specifications, negotiating plans and timeframes with clients to ensure clear understanding of anticipated results.

  • Analyze project progress and adjusts timelines as needed to maximize project benefits.

  • Forecast potential schedule delays and devise alternate plans.

  • Create and maintain comprehensive project management documentation.

  • Analyze risks and provide regular updates to the Technical Council team regarding project status and any existing or potential issues, taking proactive steps to minimize delivery delays.

  • Collaborate with the Project and Delivery Teams to ensure client needs are met.

  • Perform other relevant duties as assigned.

Supervisory Responsibilities

This role may have some direct supervisory responsibilities as the position grows.

Education, Experience, Basic Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree in information technology, Engineering, Business, or related field is required.

  • PMP certification is a plus.

  • At least 5-7 years of related project management or account implementation/account management experience.

  • Excellent analytical, logical thinking, and problem-solving skills.

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

  • Thorough understanding of project management principles and planning.

  • Thorough understanding of information technology procedures and practices.

  • Datacenter related project experience

  • Proficient with, or able to quickly become proficient with, a range of general and specialized applications, software, and hardware used in the organization and the industry.

  • Ability to adapt to change.

  • Extremely proficient in Microsoft Office Suite or related software program.

  • Extremely organized with great attention to detail.

  • Excellent customer service skills.

  • Knowledge and experience using project management software.

  • Extremely observant at close range.

  • Ability to act as a team player.

Expected Hours of Work

This position is intended to be a full-time, 40 hours/week.


Little to no travel is expected for this position.

Job Type: Full-time

If this is you, please send your resume to, it would be great to hear from you and learn more about your skills and capabilities.

About the Company

Denvr Dataworks is an early-stage, Alberta-based company that delivers High Performance Cloud Services (HPCaaS/PaaS/SaaS). Denvr operates first of its kind ultra-efficient, modular, liquid immersion cooled data centers, with high density GPU & CPU based compute clusters along with proprietary cloud services software. The Denvr cloud is designed for customers using data or processor intensive applications inherent to advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Neural Networks, Data Rendering, Big Data, and related Data Science applications, with seamless support for hybrid cloud and edge computing scenarios.

Joining the Denvr Dataworks team means that you are a dynamic individual who is responsible but forward-thinking and encouraged by continuous learning and innovation. You have practical and effective communication and interpersonal skills where you lead by example, and you are mindful of building a culture of health in all aspects of the business. You are also a self-motivated and effective problem solver, and you take pride in doing a good job and achieving great results. You are highly collaborative, transparent with information, open to learning and you enjoy learning by “doing”. You are motivated to use your knowledge, experience, relationships, and abilities to help drive an exciting business forward and you love the idea of being part of an exceptional team, that works together to compete hard in the dynamic, cutting-edge world of high-performance computing and cloud services.

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