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The Denvr Difference

High Performance Computing

Extend your on-premise HPC capacity by running jobs in the next-generation Denvr AI Cloud.

The Denvr AI Cloud is Powered By Water-Free, Clean-Energy Data Centres


Data Center-Scale Performance

By leveraging GPU-powered parallel processing, users can run advanced, large-scale application programs efficiently, reliably, and quickly. The Denvr AI Cloud uses all-InfiniBand clusters to provide scalability across multiple compute nodes, enabling parallel and synchronized compute cycles.


GPU-Accelerated Application Catalog

Users can deploy containers from the NVIDIA NGC™ hub which provides pre-built and tested AI, machine learning, and HPC frameworks. The catalog provides a range of options that meet the needs of data scientists, developers, and researchers with various levels of AI expertise. ​NGC containers can be run on-prem, in the cloud, and edge or using hybrid and multi-cloud deployments.


Storage Platforms

The Denvr AI Cloud uses the fastest NVMe SSDs to provide cost-effective, ultra high-performance, scalable storage for compute workloads. Complementing local attached NVMe to ensure workloads are never delayed, The Denvr AI Cloud operates high speed cache arrays, and cost effective bulk storage. ​ This advanced storage architecture delivers performance, flexibility, and capacity for complex jobs. Combined with Denvr's InfiniBand HDR network, HPC jobs can expect over 10 GB/s throughput and sub-600 nanoseconds latency. 

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