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Login Tutorial

Teaches how to login. Briefly showcases the dashboard. Goes over the tabs.

Application Bundles Tutorial

Describes what a bundle is. Talks about how they are ref. docker images. Goes into bundle tiers. Hints at bespoke and custom bundles.

Hardware Configuration

Describes how templates work. Goes into basic configurations of a system deployment.

SSH Key and Application Licensing

Talks about how to input SSH so clients can access over the public net, or how to implement a license key for software access.

Application Information

Describes the hierarchy of applications. Showcases the monitoring tools in the terminal. Shows the tools for stopping and starting applications.

Dashboard Tutorial

Shows the dashboard, tenants and users

Tenant Administration

Show cases how administration can monitor their tenancy and user.

Applications in Storage

A deeper and more granular look at how storage is configured and monitored. Also showcases the terminal view of a tenancy, and tools like NVIDIA-SMI.

Custom Bundles

Goes into how users can deploy docker images, gives tips on how to do this. 

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