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Meet the Optimized AI Cloud

Denvr AI Cloud

Designed for AI Developers and Data Scientists

Denvr AI Cloud UI/UX

A high performance cloud service that instantly feels like the platform is working for you not against you.

Denvr AI Cloud functions like an “App Store” for AI developers with the best-of-the-best GPU's and single-click application bundles for all major AI/ML frameworks and tool sets. Seamlessly develop and integrate your own custom containerized application bundles to increase your efficiency.

Application bundles come with easy, preconfigured hardware templates that remain fully customizable at the customers leisure with on-demand compute scaling or fully reserved instances.

Denvr's customers are empowered with self-service options and tools  including straight-forward, transparent pricing, easy to understand cost controls, with a personal level of service and expert support.

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Super Computing Performance

Get More Computational Power 


Denvr runs the best in high performance GPU's and compute technology. Accelerate your time to market with unprecedented performance for AI workloads at scale. NVIDIA HGX™ AI supercomputing platform architecture together with the power of NVIDIA H100 and A100 GPUs offer an order-of-magnitude leap in GPU computing for AI.

The versatility to accelerate AI workloads across networks and clusters,  Denvr Cloud runs NVLink® and NVIDIA InfiniBand ultra-high bandwidth, low latency, non-blocked networking to provide super computing performance for multi-GPU, multi-node, or multi-cluster workloads.


Hyperscale Infrastructure

Add Compute Capacity with Confidence

Infrastructure as a service designed to quickly add computing capacity, ideal for rapidly growing business needs. Denvr removes the burden of infrastructure ownership and operation.

Denvr's proprietary modular data centers are transportable and easily set up in single or multi cluster configurations. Denvr can deploy and add infrastructure capacity at any scale with confidence.

Proprietary first-of-their-kind modular data centers with liquid immersion cooling and integrated waste heat recovery. High efficiency design from the ground up with lower cost to operate and manufacture, with a small footprint. 1.2MW modules are less than 900 sqft.

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Liquid Cooled Compute

A Leap Forward in Power and Cooling Density

Denvr Immersion HGX

Denvr's exclusive single-phase liquid immersion cooling technology offers vastly superior heat dissipation supporting high density computing configurations. Denvr operates full racks of HGX nodes in liquid immersion (15 nodes, 150+kW, per rack).

Reduced risk of thermal throttling or shutdowns during high performance AI workloads while enabling better compute reliability, uptime, less maintenance, and longer runlife, all while reducing power consumption (low PUE) as the cooling system requires less power.

Liquid Cooling

Ultra Efficient Infrastructure

Quick to Deploy, Lower Cost and ESG Friendly
Superior Solutions that are also Sensitive to Stakeholders

Denvr PUE = 1.04

Denvr is committed to high efficiency in all aspects of our business and being a part of the solution for healthy people, healthy businesses, healthy communities, and healthy economies. We help develop and operate energy efficient technology to power our industry leading, high-density, high performance data centres.

Denvr Data Center Water Usage = ZERO

Global Connectivity

Data Freedom with Global Fiber Interconnects and
Bullet Proof Power Solutions Ensuring 100% Uptime 

Denvr's infrastructure leverages industry leaders for enterprise-grade security on a highly resilient and redundant communications fabric providing low-latency, high-bandwidth connections enabling faster data transfers.

Denvr can hyperscale fiber communications infrastructure without the need for physical infrastructure changes, providing customers with unlimited data ingress and egress at no charge.

Rapidly scalable power services with multiple layers of redundancy, including 100% uptime power systems at highly secure locations with 24/7 on-site security

Denvr Fiber Connect

Diversified Services
For AI Companies

Cloud Services, Managed Infrastructure & Data Services for AI

  • Cloud based services focused on solutions for small-to-mid size enterprise customers

  • Managed infrastructure services focused on solutions for mid-to-large enterprise customers

  • Data services in support of data intensive AI applications and workloads

  • Deep vendor relationship drive expedited and reliable delivery of services

Ready to get started?

We're here to support your AI project!

Global Fiber Interconnects
Denvr Ecosystem
Get Started

Quick Start

Learn how to get started with Denvr AI Cloud and application deployments.


For more information or technical support, please contact us.

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